At the temporary neighborhood of IBM-PC, 6502-CPUs, CP/M, Wordstar, dBase, Novell and so on we have specialised at last in vendor independent education and consulting of middlesize networks since 1990. Additional we have a special knowledge of implementing firewalls like Cisco PIX™ and others, so network-security is supported too.

Furtheron Cisco™ CCNA, CCNP, WLAN Field-Engineer, Microsoft™ MCP and ISDN certified instruction are offered. Please contact us for details.

If you are interested in any certification by Pearson VUE™, we have a special contract with the testcenter at BBS Lingen/Germany.

master craftsman preparation

In collaboration with HwK Osnabrück-Emsland at Osnabrück/Germany there is a personal device-and-system manager preparation course for master craftsman availible nearly every two years.

In this behavior please contact HwK Osnabrück-Emsland for more information. A content-summary of that master craftsman course you will find at    device and system    on the right side of this website.


To start or expand your commercial activities at the growing internet market, we also offer vendor independent onlineshop consulting. Several e-shops for live testing you will find at the right of this website.

If you are planning such commercial business, please contact us for information.

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